Spodnie damskie, MW2300x
jak dobrać wymiar - spodnie

Women’s trousers, MW2300x


Classic long trousers. High waist, two pockets, and straight leg. Trousers have elastic sides on the sides for better fit on the waist.

Composition: 98% cotton, 2% elastane
Weight: 170 g/m2

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measurementdescription of the meaasurement3436384042444648505254
Bwaist circumference646872768084889296100104
Hhip circumference104108112116120124128132136140144
Gthigh circumference5658606264666870727476
Flength inner leg70,570,572,572,572,572,572,572,572,572,572,5
Eknee circumference4849505253545556575859
Cwidth leg2222232324242525262627
The dimensions given are the actual dimensions of the garment
Tolerance +/- 2 cm


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